Lance Howland
I live in Moraga with my wife Anne, our two teenage daughters and rascally orange cat Toby. Email address is lancehowland@aol.com. Phone number is (925) 247-0109.
 I started writing first drafts of Web history at the end of 2010 for Lamorinda Patch, and a few months later took on interim editing duties in Piedmont and now Concord Patch.  A long journalism career in newspapers and magazines has taken in some poignant moments … and poignant weeks where I could feel a community’s foundation shifting –I'm  thinking of editing in a small newsroom after the Loma Prieta earthquake and the newsroom’s aftershocks, literally and figuratively. I covered the visit of the queen to a small Ontario city – good Queen Liz wore purple. I spent months preparing a profile of a murder suspect, who was subsequently convicted, imprisoned until his lawyer (whom he married) got him sprung on testimony pointing elsewhere for the crime; that 1980 murder remains officially unsolved. I could tell you stories.
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