Sorry About Your Ping Pong Table, Mrs. Brown -- Junior's Friends Thought It Was a Trampoline

Youthful hormones. The end of summer. The looming start of another school year -- and a little alcohol kept things jumping for Moraga police Monday night.


Moraga police followed a trail of beer and beverage containers like Hansel's breadcrumbs and stumbled upon a full-blown "end of summer" party, and several inebriated young people, at a home in the southern part of town late Monday.

Officers suspected something was up when they stopped a car with two Lafayette residents aboard travelling north on Moraga Road just past Corliss Drive at 11:53 p.m. and questioned the 16-year-old female driver (who was sober) as well as her 16-year-old male passenger (who was not).

The male half of the partnership was heavily intoxicated and vomiting, police said. After citing the driver for speeding (53mph in a 35mph zone) police released the youths to their parents and, following a telltale trail of staggering kids and jettisoned beverage containers, backtracked to a home on Corte Maria, which apparently was without parental supervision.

An officer approaching the residence touched off a minor exodus as kids fled the area in all directions, prompting a call from a neighbor complaining that her ping pong table was destroyed by kids jumping her fence in their haste to get away. The officer then approached two youths sitting in a car parked in an adjacent driveway, asking the 16-year-old Lafayette resident behind the wheel to walk back to the officer's patrol car for a sobriety test -- only to have the driver flee on foot, leaving the officer standing with his car keys and driver's license.

The teen later returned to the scene, where he was released to a sober adult, but Moraga police contacted the owner of the home (away on vacation) and told the juvenile party host that the festivities were over for the evening.


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