Patterson's Summer Reading for Kids Ages 6-9

Patch has teamed up with James Patterson’s ReadKiddoRead program to bring you reading lists for every age. If you’re looking for some great summer reading options, check this list of “Terrific Transitional” books from James Patterson.

Patch has teamed up with award-winning author James Patterson to promote year-round reading for Lamorinda kids and others around the country.

Patterson is the author of the Daniel X series of books for children. He used to concentrate on books for adults, and made a move to writing books for children and he and his wife Sue were having trouble getting their young son Jack interested in reading. Patterson began a study of children's literature that turned into his program ReadKiddoRead.

James Patterson has some recommendations of advanced reads for Tweens and Teens.

What books will appeal to your child, aged 2 to 7?

Patterson likes these page turners for ages 8 to 12.

Looking for a great book to read with your kids this summer? This list will help you transition from illustrated kids books to books your kids will love to read independently. Read one, or read ‘em all and post your thoughts in the comments. 

Pirate vs. Pirate: The Terrific Tale of a Big, Blustery Maritime Match
by Mary Quattlebaum
The biggest boy pirate and the maddest girl pirate face-off in a series of competitions and then find themselves falling in love!

Bad Kitty Gets a Bath (Bad Kitty series)
by Nick Bruel
When you give a bath to Bad Kitty, you need, among other things, soap, a towel and a suit of  armor.

Amelia Bedelia
by Peggy Parish and illustrated by Fritz Siebel
Learn and laugh over housekeeper Amelia Bedelia’s attempts to understand her employer’s instructions. Don’t be surprised if she gets her sketchbook out to draw a picture of the drapes when her employer asks her to “draw the drapes”!

Grin and Bear It
by Leo Landry
Bear wants to be a comedian so bad and his jokes are funny too — but will his stage fright hold him back?

The Houdini Box
by Brian Selznick
Victor meets his idol — Harry Houdini — who gives Victor a mysterious box as the answer to all his questions.

Scooter in the Outside
by Anne Bowen, illustrated by Abby Carter
Scooter loves the outside. So one day when he sees the door ajar, he goes out all by himself. But the outside can be a scary place.

The Stinky Cheese Man and Other Fairly Stupid Tales
by Jon Scieszka, illustrated by Lane Smith             
Popular fairy tells retold in a hilarious spoof of the fairy tale genre.     
The Stories Julian Tells
by Ann Cameron
Read about the adventures of  Julian Bates, his little brother Huey and his best friend Gloria.

The Talented Clementine (Clementine series)
by Sara Pennypacker, Illustrated by Marla Frazee
Third grader Clementine was doing just fine till her teacher announced a talent show. Clementine is in a state of panic because she thinks she doesn’t have a talent. Find out how her unexpected talent surprises everyone including herself.

Adventures in Cartooning: How to Turn Your Doodles into Comics
by James Sturm, Andrew Arnold, and Alexis Frederick-Frost
You know you have fun when you read comics — now have fun making them too!

Boys of Steel: The Creators of Superman
by Marc Tyler Nobleman
The extraordinary story of two ordinary boys who created Superman.

The ReadKiddoRead program features bestselling author James Patterson’s picks for the summer. Find reviews of these books and more in the Terrific Transitional Reads section of ReadKiddoRead.com.


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