Roadrunner, Roadrunner - Goin' Faster Than Miles An Hour

Apologies to Jonathan Richman and the "Modern Lovers" but the song came to mind when the Orinda Roadrunners gathered recently to reminisce about Glory Days gone by.

You have to get up pretty early to even catch a glimpse of the Roadrunners -- no, not that speedy little desert bird -- a group of passionate runners of a certain age in the Lamorinda area.

Based out of Orinda and born back in 1974 when the fitness movement was gathering steam, the Roadrunners boast a membership of about 70 dedicated athletes, many of whom run to keep fit. The brainchild of Jerry Wendt and former Miramonte teacher Bob Campbell the group likes to hit the road for exercise -- but what they really love to do is compete.

The Roadrunners have chalked up thousands of miles in hundreds of marathons over the years all across America and Europe, but nothing was as thrilling as their participation in the Athens Greek Marathon, “The Ultimate Marathon Experience,” as it is called. The race runs the eight fabled miles from Marathon to Athens and is the runner's experience, I am told. To celebrate their participation in The Greek Marathon 30 years ago, the Roadrunners gathered at Thursday to swap stories and remember the good old days.

They reminisced about all manner of things of interest to runners: weather, injuries, victories and some tales I am sad to say I can not repeat in this article, but it is safe to say the Roadrunners will remember Greece not only to be their first marathon together, but also as their best.

And don't count them out, as the group still regularly participates in half-marathons. This coming Sunday, November 6, about a half dozen members are running in the Save Mt. Diablo Run at Castle Rock Park.

It's been almost 40 years since the Roadrunners were formed, and while many of the members are now in their 70's, they still plan to keep running, biking and hiking for years to come.

Stephanie Mann November 04, 2011 at 09:02 PM
Great to see the Roadrunners! I remember the glory days :-)
Kristin Levitan Dickerson January 09, 2013 at 07:24 AM
Dear Gentlemen: I'm hoping to say hello to our old family friend, Mr. Fred Flowers. My name is Kristin Levitan Dickerson and I was born in 1960. My family and I currently live in Morgan Hill, CA. I'm not sure your Fred Flowers is the same gentleman who attended Hastings College of the Law in San Francisco (1960-1963) with my late father, Jacob Levitan, who passed away January 9, 1988. I wish to salute and say hello to Mr. Flowers if he is the same man who went to school with Dad, played guitar with Dad, and went on to practice law, just like my Dad. If this is the same gentleman, please convey my greetings. I can be reached via email at levitandickerson@yahoo.com Many thanks! Great to see everyone still running. My dad was a runner, too!--Sincerely, Kristin


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