Miramonte Students Get Down and Dirty With Air Pollution Meters

Local kids are working with UC Berkeley to study the air quality impact of leaf blowers.

Photo: Miramonte senior Sophia Aguilera takes measurements on particulate air pollution while classmate Charles Correl (a junior) uses the demonstration leaf blower. AP Environmental Science teacher Barbara Denny is at far left.

Tony Marks-Block, program coordinator and public information specialist from the East Bay Academy for Young Scientists, provided the equipment. 

"Particulate pollution is important to look at because the smaller it is the easier it can go through your lungs and get into your blood stream," explained Marks-Block to the young scientists. He also explained that these miniscule particulates can cause not only lung cancer and asthma, but also have recently been linked to heart disease. 

AP Environmental Science teacher Barbara Denny plans to host future events for her students in the springtime with the East Bay Academy for Young Scientists. 

"Mrs. Denny approached me and told me about this project," said Aguilera. "I was excited to be a part of this opportunity for out-of-class work and plan to major in environmental science next year in college."

Carolyn Phinney October 01, 2011 at 05:09 PM
WOW, I didn't know that about the miniscule particles getting into our lungs. Very important to realize! Thanks students for this public information campaign!


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