Gathering of the Tribe: Campo '72 Decides It's Cool To Have a Reunion

Surviving members of a bygone Campolindo High School class known for their independent spirit have decided to come back and see how everyone else turned out -- 40 years later.


In an exercise akin to herding cats, stalwart and won't-take-no-for-an-answer organizing types have managed to find and corral a sizable number of aging hippies, counterculturists, and current moms and dads from Campolindo's legendary Class of 1972 and brought them together for a reunion.

And, yes, I was one of 'em.

Generally too cool for school and alternately rebellious and innovative, the '72ers dropped their 'tudes and are flocking back to their old stomping grounds for a night of shared memories at the Cypress Restaurant, 1388 Locust Street, in Walnut Creek on Saturday, Sept. 29.

Cougar-herder Debbie Frombola says response has been so good they had to upsize the venue, and to please make note of the change. We've heard from a certain former Moraga police chief and fire chief, still-local Scott Carr, John "Ready to Rock" Eriksen, Kathy Vance and Tom "I Can Still Beat You In the Hundred" Callahan.

If you see this and don't zone out grooving to Carlos and Black Magic Woman, drop a note here so Debbie can order more food and your friends from 40 Years Ago can hook up with you again.

Okay? You can hook up with Debbie for more deets by calling (775) 544-9319.


John Eriksen September 21, 2012 at 07:53 PM
JD: its more like John "ready to rock in my chair" Eriksen. See you there!


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