Football Championship: De La Salle High Wins Fourth Straight State Title

The Spartans withstood a second half challenge from Centennial High to win the state open division championship.

De La Salle High's high caliber football team has done it again.

The Spartans won their fourth straight state title Saturday night by holding off Centennial High, 48-28, in the open division championship game.

De La Salle finishes its season with a perfect 15-0 record. Centennial High, the Southern California champions, end the year with a 14-2 mark.

The Spartans took control of the game early, building up a 14-0 lead at the end of the first quarter.

De La Salle scored twice more in the second period to take a commanding 28-0. Centennial High got a touchdown late in the second quarter, making the score 28-7 at halftime.

The Huskies came out strong in the third period, scoring early to cut the deficit to 28-14.

De La Salle countered with a touchdown of their own for a 35-14 lead. Centennial answered back with another touchdown to make the score 35-21 at the end of the three quarters.

The Spartans tacked on a touchdown for a 42-21 lead, but Centennial scored again to close the gap to 42-28.

The Huskies were driving with less than four minutes to go when De La Salle intercepted a pass. The Spartans converted that turnover into a score. The extra point was missed, making the final score, 48-28.

Before the game, De La Salle was ranked by MaxPreps sports as the number two team in the state. Centennial was ranked number one.

George March December 19, 2012 at 05:38 PM
I fully agree. Any school that students buy into (or has the capability to recruit) should be placed in their own division to play and not matched [in league or 'post-season' games] against regional public schools. It is the same comparison of matching a school of 2000 students vs. 400. Guess which one will (typically) have the larger talent pool? That is why there are multiple divisions based on school size. There ought to be a separate division/league for all of the pay-to-play schools.
OFD Wife December 21, 2012 at 03:58 PM
FYI...DLS does not recruit. It's really sad that so many people are haters. When any team in our area wins games or does well I'm happy for that school, but it seems that when DLS wins then it's because they recruit.
Bill December 21, 2012 at 06:38 PM
Glad to see someone else speak up. My son and my lady's son both attended DLS in the 90s. There is no recruiting. There past success is a self perpetuating thing in that top players from the area want to attend there. There also are no scholarships for athletes. DLS has a financial aid program, as do most private schools, for any family that qualifies regardless of being an athlete or not. PS: DLS won the Open Division which is a class for schools of their caliber. And before criticizing DLS for their football success, people should find out about their academic success as well.
George March December 21, 2012 at 07:07 PM
I am not a DLS "hater." I do enjoy football, at multiple levels. If DLS does not "recruit" per se, then it is truly a remarkable coincidence that they have such a luck-of-the-draw collection of gifted kids who all just happen to live within the immediate surrounding area of the school - the way a typical public school draws its students (and year after year...what DO they put in the water?). No, I suspect that there must be a certain level of influence to 'entice/encourage' students of certain academic/athletic abilities to attend the school beyond the geography of their residence. Whatever you wish to call it.
Bill December 21, 2012 at 08:25 PM
DLS does indeed get students, regardless of athletic ability or intent, from outside the immediate geographic area... no question about that. I lived in Antioch when my son attended DLS. That's one thing about a private school... there are no boundaries. (My son was NOT an athlete. We just chose for him to attend DLS for all its other attributes.) The football program continues to feed off its prior successes. Another thing to consider is that not all of their players are outstanding athletes. (Some research would be needed to see how many get college athletic scholarships.) What they have is a physical and mental regimen and training that brings these individuals together as great teams. Attitude and desire can accomplish great things beyond the physical.


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