(VIDEO) Transportation Coordinator Talks on Bikeway Project

The City of Alameda's Transportation Coordinator Gail Payne shares the latest information on the Shore Line Drive/Westline Drive Bikeway Project.

Back in November 2012, the City of Alameda's Transportation commission approved a cycle track to go along Shore Line and Westline Drives. 

The Shore Line Drive/Westline Drive Bikeway Project has been part of the city's Bicycle Master Plan since 1999.

After three community meetings, the following project goals were formed: providing more bicycle options, minimizing traffic impacts, maintaining bay views, reducing multi-use path conflicts, providing parking for apartments/condos, improving visibility, reducing motor vehicle speeds and making the area safer.

City staff is currently in the process of finalizing the construction design and drawings along with allocating money for the project. They expect to finish this by the middle of this year.

Construction is planned to start the following year and by mid 2014, the cycle track should be completed. 

Hear the latest information on the project by the city's Transportation Coordinator Gail Payne by checking out the clip above.

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Jon Spangler January 11, 2013 at 11:09 PM
The same basic parking scheme now in place will remain after this project is completed. The net loss or gain is very small--those details are in the plan. Once this project is completed residents of Shore Line Drive will have a safer street and safer intersections, essentially the same amount of overnight parking, and fewer unsafe conditions while walking, driving, or bicycling in their neighborhood.
Jon Spangler January 11, 2013 at 11:17 PM
Audrey, the cycle track poses fewer kinds of user conflicts than the nearby existing multi-use path. Cycle track users will need to stop for pedestrians just like any other roadway users. Crosswalks will be normal and not be obstructed by any barriers or other objects: ped access will be the same as always. Crossing the cycle track as a pedestrian, like crossing any traffic lanes, will require a certain degree of awareness and vigilance, just as bicycling in the cycle track will require that cyclists be aware of--and stop for--pedestrians in the crosswalks. I believe that signage alerting cyclists and peds to their respective rights and responsibilities is already included in the plan scope, You are welcome to contribute to the details of these as the project moves forward.
Jon Spangler January 12, 2013 at 12:07 AM
Hobnob, The added stop signs and reduced number of lanes proposed in this project will make your neighborhood quieter and more car-free by reducing the number of auto drivers who use Shore Line Drive as a straight-through arterial instead of Otis Drive. Otis Drive, with fewer stop signs and more traffic lanes, is intended to take more traffic and it should. Shore Line Drive should be more of a scenic route for all roadway users and be made safer so walkers, drivers, visitors, joggers, kids on trikes, and local residents can all enjoy the beach more. Eat Bay Regional Park District has jurisdiction over the beach and the dunes--starting at the western curb of Shore Line Drive. EBRPD's objections are more than just to the cost and time of an EIR: they spent years and lots of money building the dunes up and does not want to undo all that work. The current path is not likely to be widened any time in the foreseeable future. The safety improvements, cycle track, and other changes are all part of a package. The additional dedicated left-turn lanes made possible by the reduction in car travel lanes will actually enhance traffic flow by making turning safer and faster, so the loss of through lanes is not as severe as it seems at first. You can trust the Public Works Department to not shortchange the residents when designing this project--or any other one. This project will make your lives better in several ways.
Cybelle January 12, 2013 at 02:00 AM
Jon, you have mentioned a couple of times now that you feel that Shoreline Dr. should be considered more of a scenic route for cars and Otis should be used for commuting. These are streets. They are meant to be driven on. Whether you choose to drive across town on Otis, Encinal, Buena Vista, or Shoreline that's up to the person driving. For me, I choose to take Shoreline because it's a much more pleasant drive.
Cybelle January 12, 2013 at 02:04 AM
Let's hope the cyclist will do a much better job at stopping than they do now. I don't know how many times I have seen cyclist blow through stop signs.


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