Should BART Charge More for Parking When Demand is High?

The transit agency is considering market-based fees, which would hike rates when lots are full.

BART figures it costs the agency around $2 a day to maintain, illuminate and police each parking spot in its system. The daily rates riders pay run between $1 and $3. Monthly passes work out to $2 and $4 a day, and long-term parking is $5 a day in the East Bay and $6 in San Francisco and the Peninsula.

That price structure may change. Here’s what BART has to say about a plan to introduce market-based parking fees:

To cover the costs of providing parking, as well as to help renovate BART's aging infrastructure, keep the cost of BART fares down, and to improve BART service, BART is considering charging market-based fees for its parking spaces. This means that parking fees at a particular station would be based on the demand for parking at that station. At stations where parking lots are full, the parking fees may be increased up to two times per year. It is expected that daily fees at most stations would be increased in 50 cent increments, while monthly reserved parking would be increased by $10.50 (which works out to about 50 cents per day). If parking lots are no longer full, the fees would be decreased.

BART is also considering market-based fees with a price cap. With a price cap, it is expected that daily parking fees would range from $1 - $3 at most stations, based on demand. Monthly reserved parking would range from $42 - $126 at most stations, based on demand. 

What do you think about market-based fees? 

Do you think higher parking rates could cause drivers who might've used BART to simply stay in their cars and not use public transportation at all? 

Do you think it will make it easier to find parking during the morning commute?

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Edward December 12, 2012 at 03:14 AM
@Chris N...you are one of the good guys with solar and a Chevy Volt. Do you use BART now that you have the green solution ? The Electric Tier System is why I installed Solar because the 49 cents per KWHr in tier 5, in 2010, I was paying, made Solar a better choice. The TVA in the Mid west, using coal, only charges 8 cents per KWHr and it would be hard to get those people to switch because of economics. I feel that if BART invested all the extra money they get from parking fees on Solar Instalations over Parking lots and along BART right-aways, they could save enough money over 25 years to make BART a more economical as well as a greener choice to other destinations other than S.F. It would also add value to the Parking because there would be less HEAT and Direct Sunlight on cars making the Cars cooler for the commuters and saving the interiors and paint jobs of their cars. Better Parking, more revenue, greener power..
Edward December 12, 2012 at 03:28 AM
@ Chris N...You should not be asked to fund a pension that is better than yours...You should also be getting the great pension other workers get and that is the draw to get people to leave the private sector and work for BART. Since they have such a great pension, why don't you work for a companiy that has the same great pensions and Wages? This is a perfect example why UNION Workers get more from whoever they work for than their non-Union counterparts. The Unions have "Mussle" and the individual does not. (A strike of "one person" will not get a better compensation) You are worth every bit as much as any other Hard Working Person and if you are not being compensated enough, you need to get a raise or go work for someone who values your worth and is willing to show it with MONEY. Your hard work and productivity should be rewarded. You are not growing any younger and need to be getting your worth now before you fall off your peak.
Alex Gronke December 21, 2012 at 12:46 AM
http://berkeley.patch.com/articles/what-do-the-two-new-bart-directors-need-to-know BART has two new directors.
srl99 January 20, 2013 at 02:27 PM
What are the station agents paying for their reserved parking? Multiple parking spots reserved for "Station Agent on Duty" ... that tells an important story, BART is good enough for you to collect a paycheck (and pension!) from, but you wouldn't want to actually use it to get to work yourself.
tr January 20, 2013 at 07:27 PM
...and since O'bama gets 24/7 armed security, so should you. silly comment. maybe u should work for bart if u think it's such a great job.


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