Orinda Mayor Elected To Chair Transit Agency

Amy Worth chairs the Metropolitan Transportation Commission.

Orinda Mayor Amy Worth has been elected to chair the Metropolitan Transportation Commission for a two-year term.

“With the opening of the new fourth bore of the Caldecott Tunnel and the New East Span of the Bay Bridge, this is going to be a banner year for commuters," stated Worth in an MTC news release. "These projects will increase both their transportation mobility and safety. I am honored to serve as MTC Chair and look forward to working together to continue current planning efforts and future investment and improvements in the Bay Area’s transportation network.”

Worth was appointed to the MTC's governing board in 2007. Elected as the MTC's vice chair was Dave Cortese, a Santa Clara County supervisor.

CJ February 27, 2013 at 11:20 PM
We must get her removed from office as quickly as possible. This MTC program is nothing more than a massive centralized government way to force communities like ours to house Section 8 and others in our communities. We have earned the right to this lifestyle and it is not governments roles to impose what is essentially public housing projects in our neighborhoods. It is guaranteed to drive down values of all properties near these projects. Many communities have already said no and are rejecting the fed monies they are using to bribe the communities with to accept these monstrosities. MTC uses the usual smoke screen tactics of public meetings to mitigate the issues and then ignores the input to achieve their collectivist goals.
Chris Nicholson February 27, 2013 at 11:45 PM
KFrances chiming in with multiple United Nations hyperlinks in 3....2....1....
Regular Guy February 27, 2013 at 11:47 PM
Let's campaign against the re-election of all MTC members. Oh, wait, we never elected any of them to the MTC in the first place. Scratch that idea. Some objectives are too important to risk allowing the people to vote on them. Cramming cheap dense housing into the suburbs is such an objective. This will require a statewide initiative to disband all unelected quasi-governments and government-sponsored entities which dispense tax money or issue regulations and rules that effect our economy or environment. Then limit any unaccountable agency to no more than $500k budget per full-time employee and they'll be relatively harmless. Elected governments are bad enough in this regard, but unelected regulatory boards are magnets for corruption and zealotry. Even if all the current members were saints the structure of this system guarantees eventual descent into ideologically and/or financially motivated malfeasance. It needs to end as soon as possible.
LamorindaMan February 28, 2013 at 04:10 PM
Maybe she can help put the brakes on this organization. You ought to give her a chance first.
LamorindaMan February 28, 2013 at 04:10 PM
Best way to defeat a group is to infiltrate it.
Mark Roberts February 28, 2013 at 06:20 PM
Well, looks like the conspiracy theory cabal is on-line this morning. Believe it or not, we actually need these regional bodies to encourage -- maybe even force -- all the individual municipalities and agencies to recognize that they don't operate in separate vacuums. Coordination and cooperation is essential. I'm not a big fan of hierarchy and bureaucracy but I do believe in the value of working together to make sure that the greater good is considered and promoted. CJ, it seems appropriate that you hide behind the facade of Dr. Evil, one of the most laughingly dysfunctional "villains" in cinematic history. There's no plan to push Section 8 housing on Lamorinda. An affordable housing component in the Pulte project at Pine Grove in Orinda, yes. And please don't denigrate the efforts of Amy Worth. Perhaps you're not familiar with her decades of volunteer service to Orinda and now other Bay Area agencies but I am. I may not always agree with her specific positions but I greatly admire her willingness and ability to serve the public. BTW, what have you done to benefit the greater good lately? Yes, we all have individual needs, interests and concerns. But sometimes we have to be just a little less selfish and recognize that we should make some minor sacrifices to benefit the community as a whole. I really don't view the MTC, ABAG or other regional quasi-government agencies as threats to municipal sovereignty. They just remind us that we need to play nicely with others.
Mike Metcalf March 01, 2013 at 05:40 PM
MTC has significant authority over transportation planning in the Bay Area, and essentially controls the allocation of state and federal funds for transportation projects. Given that land use (principally housing) drives transportation, MTC is very much involved in land use planning. This is not always to everyone's liking,. but it is necessary and must be done reasonably. Therefore, it is absolutely essential that the directors of MTC be sound thinkers withabsolute integrity. Each director must represent the interests of the entire Bay Area, not just the jurisdiction which appointed them. Amy Worth was appointed to MTC by the Contra Costa Mayors Conference in 2007 because she can do just that. As Mayor of Moraga at that time, I voted for her. And I 'm glad I did. She has demonstrated to me and many others who know her well that she has performed exactly as she should. I suggest we should be grateful that people like Amy step forward to represent our interests on this important governmental body. Orinda, Lamorinda, Contra Costa, and the Bay Area are well served by Amy. I'm confident she will be an effective leader of MTC. Mike Metcalf Councilmember,, Town of Moraga Commissioner, Contra Costa Transportation Authority
Regular Guy March 01, 2013 at 07:56 PM
"Each director must represent the interests of the entire Bay Area, not just the jurisdiction which appointed them." Then why not elect these members regionally? We are permitted to elect directors of EBMUD but not directors of a much more powerful agency, the MTC. Why? Is it that, as I wrote above, some objectives are too important to risk allowing the people to vote on them? "Given that land use (principally housing) drives transportation, MTC is very much involved in land use planning. This is not always to everyone's liking,. but it is necessary and must be done reasonably." I reject the concept of forcing local governments to change their land use rules to suit outsiders. If outsiders want to urbanize their own towns, that's fine. But hands off other people's towns! MTC is the embodiment of outsider meddling. It's only necessary if you accept the premise that the state or federal government should be make and enforce plans for growth and then force the market to adjust to those plans. That's contrary to the American tradition that people in a free market first choose where to live and then the government provides people the necessary services, including roads. This debate comes down to central planning versus local planning and the free market. To all readers: Which side are you on?


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