Hercules Trash Rates Could Increase by March

City staff are proposing a rate increase of about 10 percent.

Residents in Hercules could be paying more for trash collection as soon as March 9.

The Hercules City Council will meet Tuesday night to discuss a proposed rate hike from Richmond Sanitary Services, and could take formal action on Feb. 12, putting the increase in place by March 9 if no formal objections are filed.

But how much rates could increase is up for debate–the waste company wants an 11.33 percent increase, but city staff are proposing an increase for the outside company of about 5 percent and a separate increase of about 6 percent that would go directly to the city.

According to a staff report, the resulting 10.33 percent hike would mean $1.87 a month extra for the average customer and would put $150,000 extra into the city's coffers each year. It will cost the city $35,000 to implement the cost increase, the staff report states.

For more information, see the attached PDF.


Hercules City Council meeting
7 p.m. Tuesday
Council Chambers, 111 Civic Dr. 

Susan D.Keeffe January 23, 2013 at 08:08 PM
I called too. In Hercules it's available right now on the brown 35 gallon cans only. I was told the discount comes from the City and negotiations and they are negotiating right now! I emailed our Council requesting the senior discount on the brown 55 gallon cans. I recommend all interested do the same - especially if we're facing an 11% rate increase!
Douglas Bright January 23, 2013 at 08:46 PM
How about they pick up the recycling each week? Every two weeks is not often enough for my family.
John Loudermilk January 23, 2013 at 09:13 PM
Perhaps I am not getting this ....... RSS has no competition? Why aren't other garbage haulers bidding on this contract? I would think if competing companies were bidding, we would be getting realistic rates instead of a 11% rate increase. Additionally, since there appears to be a senior rate, ask RSS how many seniors are paying the senior rate VS the regular rate. Let RSS refund to the seniors what they have paid beyond the senior rate. The council doesn't seem to understand that they are spending our money while also wanting to extort more via the franchise fee. This contract is not supervised. Ever notice the trash in the streets after the garbage truck works your street? Have they dumped your trash and only a portion landed in the truck while the rest is laying on the ground in front of your home. I watched them do this, ran out and told the driver to clean up his mess. I had to loan him a broom and dust pan ..... since the trucks don't have brooms and dust pans to pick up spills. When they have a spill, they simply drive away and leave it. I have called the office / supervisors out numerous times to pick up the trash that I have paid them to take away that was dumped in the street.
RJ January 23, 2013 at 09:48 PM
The senior discount has been in effect for years. Its not much, but it helps when you consider all the fee and tax increases the voters keep passing. Also, the city wants another tax and the school district is exploring another parcel tax. How much are the tax consultants going to bill Hercules for the next tax proposal? Enough already.
Louise B. January 23, 2013 at 11:11 PM
RJ, we have ill-informed and inattentive voters. If people would just review their property tax bill, they might be amazed at the amount of taxes they are already paying in addition to sales tax, utility tax, state income tax, Federal income tax. The list goes on and on. Taxpayers are made to feel guilty that we are not paying enough but no one thinks to blame the bureaucrats who are spending too much.


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