CityWatch: What Skatepark Vandalism Costs Moraga Each Year

Lamorinda Patch, ever-mindful of waste and excesses and unwarranted expenditures of the taxpayer's hard-earned money, does a little data mining and debuts: CityWatch.

On its surface it looks harmless enough: a place for local kids and others to "drop in" and practice their moves in a modern, challenging skate-park built just for them.

But it seems they haven't been taking all that good of care of the park, as Moraga's Superintendent of Public Works Dan Bernie told us recently.

"Roughly it costs about $5,000 a year on graffiti and vandalism each year," he said. "That's basically contract services (hired out graffiti removal) and staff time."

It seems that along with skating people using the park in Moraga Commons are also "destroying garbage cans, pulling out the cobblestones, irrigation, benches and shrubs" according to Dan and Public Works personnel.

"The park isn't built for use by bicycles," Dan said, as evidenced by a Patch video currently airing on our site. "But they do it anyway and that is chipping away at the concrete bowl and causing further damage."

CityWatch Focus: Moraga Skate Park

Yearly Cost to Taxpayers: $5,000 to repair park vandalism

What $5,000 Will Buy: Short Caribbean Cruise for two; a stop sign

Ahmed September 09, 2010 at 04:15 PM
I can't help but notice that of the kids in the picture at least three are on bicycles and two are on scooters. Are helmets mandatory at the park?
Tony Rodriguez September 10, 2010 at 12:15 AM
Annoying, and, unfortunately, not that surprising. I had the impression that L and O agreed to kick in each year for maintenance; hope the $5K is not falling entirely on M.
lovelafayette June 30, 2011 at 04:04 PM
There was a maintenance fund of $82,000 established by the tri-cities when the park was built. Moraga Park and Rec told me there was still about $32,000 left, no Moraga money goes to skate park maintenance. I suspect vandalism outside of park boundaries (? done by skaters) is on Moraga's dime. A town ordinance outlaws all users except skateboards. It should be a mixed use park like Brentwood, CA and Henderson, Nevada, meeting the needs of many more kids, instead of turning them into law breakers when they scoot, skate or bike. Fine for scofflaws $250 (BMX kids reported to Lafayette City Council) and by ordinance 3 strikes results in a one year ban from park.


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