Blacktop Tops New Moraga Commons Parking Area

By March, expect new parking places along Moraga Road, near the basketball courts and skatepark.

Blacktopping has begun on the improved parking area near the skatepark at Moraga Commons park.

See the January project update from the town website:

More new Skatepark parking lot construction is scheduled for this weekend as the soil is amended with lime. This procedure began on Thursday, January 24 and will take a few days. This frequently-used soil amendment will dry up the persistently wet soil conditions and significantly increase the longevity of the parking lot paving. The white lime powder that you will see in large piles this weekend is a naturally occurring compound, calcium oxide, commonly found in limestone. It is not a hazardous material, but is classified as an irritant. The equipment and methods being used are designed to minimize dust and disturbance while maximizing the effectiveness of the soil treatment by thoroughly blending the lime into the wet, clay soils. Project completion is expected well in advance of the annual Spring Egg Hunt in March.

Informed Citizen February 14, 2013 at 05:13 PM
Pretty amazing that Moragan's have voted themselves the highest sales tax rate in the State (if not in the Country!) based on a pitch that there's no money for road repairs.... all the while, driving past a million dollar parking lot for a recreational skateboarding pit. What ever happened to priorities? Or the notion that the proper role of local government is to cover needs, not dreams, wishes, and frills?
Steve Cohn February 15, 2013 at 02:49 AM
That park was controversial when it was constructed but I have almost never driven past it when there has not been at least one, if not many kids engaged in having fun on their home turf. More opportunities like this need to be created for our children to pry them away from video games. And I believe that Orinda and Lafayette contributed to the cost of the lot. Kudos to all.
lovelafayette February 15, 2013 at 05:54 PM
Lafayette and Orinda contributed to the building, and a fund for ongoing maintenance of just the skate park. Lafayette City Council went against public opinion and contributed $65,000 to the parking lot redo. I thank Moragans for hosting the park, it is well used and policed. I think the $250,000 parking lot was a boondoggle. Kids on skate boards do not need parking, but that is the line Lafayette was fed and swallowed! General fund $ that should fix potholes.


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