Saturday's Moraga PD Roadshow: Catching Bad Guys Is Easier

Moraga Police Department Auctions Lost and Found and Then Some

Saturday's inaugural police auction outside the Moraga police department was more than just cruisers and cops. The auction included three retired patrol cars, two Enduro 350 motorcycles, several bicycles, some 'costume' jewlery, and a hefty looking diving knife in its sheath.

The patrol cars were retired from the Moraga police force, as were the Enduro 350 motorcycles, but the jewelry, and knife were collected from the past several years' worth of lost-and-found and the bicycles were reclaimed after being parked for too long around town, according to Moraga Police Chief Robert Priebe.

This was the first police auction that the Moraga Police Department has undertaken, and probably will be the last for several years. Saturday's event was, well, nothing like the Antiques Roadshow.

“It was not as easy as it sounds,” Priebe admitted Monday. “We had to spray paint the doors on the cruisers black to make them legal to sell, and take off the decals from the cars and motorcycles, and with the storing and staging of all the stuff, it was a lot of work.”

The motorcycles were given to Moraga by the East Bay Regional Park District police department as part of an agreement between the two agencies that the Moraga police would use them to patrol the many trails in the area. Unfortunately, shortly after their acquisition a police officer was injured trying to activate the kick-start and they have been largely unused since. They were both sold Saturday for $500.

The auction earned about $4400 from the sale of all the items, according to Priebe. The money will be placed back into asset replacement for the police department, and the remaining $250 from other items will be placed into the Moraga general fund.

“We didn't get as many bids as we had expected,” lamented Chief Priebe. “For several months before the auction we had people coming in saying they wanted to buy cars from us, but when I called them back the interest just wasn't as strong.”

In years past, lost-and-found items have occasionally been sold to raise money for the general fund at a Moraga Police Department table during the Pear Festival, which this year was held on the same day as the auction.

Nicholas September 28, 2011 at 10:58 PM
How much for a Tazer??
Tom Chesterman September 29, 2011 at 05:12 PM
Darn. I guess I need to visit the Patch more often - I didn't know about the auction and definitely would have attended.
J.D. O'Connor September 29, 2011 at 05:28 PM
We may not get EVERYTHING that's happening in Lamorinda, Tom, but we're getting MOST of it! As for visiting Patch more often - we'd like that! Best, Ed.
Larry Pines September 29, 2011 at 10:42 PM
Sorry, JD, alas I sold you short! I guess it didn't wind up in one of your eye-grabbing e-blasts, so I missed it. Darn, would have loved to get a shot at $multi-thousand new EBRPD dirt-bike (never ridden!) given away for a few hundred bucks! However, the bridge to "nowhere" still dominates. It's just human nature, and daily occurrences like this should be headlined that government wastes our money egregiously. It takes a Solyndra to bring the point home to some: Govmt apparatchiks and especially politicians have no incentive to spend money wisely. It's all OTHER PEOPLE's MONEY!. Want to run for another term? Spend Billions on a new program to boast about. Want to quiet down an enraged group? Write a big check. Why not? It's not your money to spend. The Bay Bridge already costs more than twice the budget and we're only prettying up a piece of it in the end. Lafayette's "Learning Center" (some deem a party/meeting house for it's City Staff and Politicians) now is costing well over $65 Million including the loans that the bankrupt City's Redevelopment Agency cannot make even interest payments on. Why not build monuments everywhere you can? It's not your money, just your bragging rights traded for the hard-earned money of too-busy taxpayers. Now, Moraga wants a $10 Mil. meeting hall. Why not? They point to Lafayette's, costing over six times that, and say "why not us - are we chopped liver?" Easy.. Pass another "Road Tax".
J.D. O'Connor September 29, 2011 at 11:12 PM
No problem, Larry - I'm hearing another "Letter to the Editor" in there! We stand ready to print any and all positions (within the guidelines of our terms of service, of course) taken by the readership. Thanks for the contact. JD


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