Moraga, Orinda Police Respond to Moraga Way Home

Local police responded to a home in the 600 block of Moraga Way Thursday and found that the residence had been burglarized.

Police were dispatched to a home in the 600 block of Moraga Way at around 8:22 a.m. Thursday, with Contra Costa County Sheriff's spokesman Jimmy Lee reporting that officers found that the residence appeared to have been burglarized.

Orinda and Moraga police responded to the home and conducted a search of the residence but the suspect was not located. Lee said officers are taking a report for the burglary but that there was no further information and no description of any suspects.

David Griest September 24, 2012 at 04:04 AM
We also were hit on Friday Morning. We live in the Bluffs. They cleaned us out of all electronics and various other personal items. Use your locks and arm your alarms folks. They are brazin enough to break through the gate at our driveway and help themselves.
Chris F. September 24, 2012 at 06:32 PM
600 Block of Moraga Way, Hmmm sounds like there is an empty house with chalk marks on the carpet on that block! David I am sorry to hear about your house, Nothing worse than the feeling of violation. We need to meet all of our neighbors and keep an eye out for one and other and an eye on our neighborhood, Myself and some of our neighbors put video surveilence up just in case we can help get a license plate number, car or person discription to help our sheriff's department


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