BART Arrest & Discovery of Bike Chop Shop

Police say Richmond man stole at least 10 bicycles and his house was a veritable bike part warehouse. They're trying to find the owners now.

BART police have arrested a man they say stole at least 10 bicycles and had more than 100 pieces of bike equipment in his possession.

Authorities took into custody 57-year-old Richmond resident Marque Moore at the Ashby BART station in Berkeley.

Moore was trying to sell a bicycle stolen in San Francisco three months ago back to its original owner, police said.

BART officials have set up a website with photos, so people who have had bikes stolen can check to see if their property is there. Victims will need proof that they own the stolen property.

Authorities say a search of Moore's residence turned up more than 10 bicycles, 57 bicycle tires, 24 bicycle wheels, 21 bike seats, four bicycle frames, guns and ammunition.

Moore was booked into Oakland jail on two counts of possession of stolen property, one count of a felon in possession of a firearm, one count of a felon in possession of ammunition and violation of parole.

Authorities said when they can confirm more of the bicycle property is stolen, they will add charges.

This story originated on Berkeley Patch.


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