24 East Bay Cases Of Suspected Sexual Abuse In Boy Scouts' Files

As part of the settlement in a multi-million-dollar sex abuse case, files containing information on thousands of possible crimes were released Thursday.

There are 24 cases of possible sexual abuse in 14 East Bay communities by Boy Scout troop leaders and volunteers listed in the organization's sexual abuse files released Thursday to the public.

Four of the cases were from Alameda while three were from Berkeley. Two cases each were listed from Walnut Creek, Concord, Livermore, Hayward and Oakland.

The communities of Danville, Pleasanton, Union City, Piedmont, Silverado Canyon, Richmond and El Sobrante were listed as having one case each.

The cases are found on a map included in documents put together by the Los Angeles Times.

For decades, the Boy Scouts of America kept the files as a way to keep volunteers suspected of inappopriate sexual behavior away from children. The cases were not shared with parents or police.

The files became public Thursday as part of an $18.5 million settlement between the Boy Scouts and a victim.

A psychiatrist who reviewed the files and testified on the Boy Scouts' behalf in the trial that led to the release of the files, found that 60 percent of the cases were already reported in various forms of public documents, including newspaper articles and police reports. 

The Los Angeles Times has created a list of the cases by year, city, state and troop number. The newspaper's list includes the time period covered by today's release (1965 to 1985), but also other accusations and documents gathered and released in various court cases.

Here are the 24 East Bay cases listed in the Los Angeles Times' documents. In all but one case, the suspected sexual abuser is listed only by a number. The one possible suspect named is George William Leavitt, in a case file from 1973 in Berkeley.

In some cases, the suspects were convicted of sex crimes. In others, they were only suspected.

The dates are the years a file was begun by the Boy Scouts, not necessarily the year an incident took place.

Alameda: 1959, troop number 56

Alameda: 2003, troop number 11

Alameda: 2003, troop number 2

Alameda: 2003, troop number 101

Berkeley: 1973, troop number 20

Berkeley: 1988, troop number 22

Berkeley: 1990, troop number 22

Concord: 1969, troop number 495

Concord: 1969, troop number 465

Danville: 2004, troop number 36

El Sobrante: 1989, troop number 146

Hayward: 1993, troop number 5816

Hayward: 1993, troop number 5816

Livermore: 1986, troop number 999

Livermore: 1993, troop number 919

Oakland:  1966. troop number 201

Oakland: 1987, troop number 452 

Piedmont: 1958, troop number 5

Pleasanton: 1996, troop number 913

Richmond: 1966, troop number 132

Silverado Canyon: 1994, troop number 9613

Union City: 1987, troop number 273

Walnut Creek: 1966, troop number 89

Walnut Creek: 1989, troop number 2811


Patch editor Chris Winston contributed to this report.

Night Watch October 21, 2012 at 08:19 AM
LOL AJ! How true.
dubstep.or.tansformers? October 22, 2012 at 10:33 PM
Livermore 919? Man, I knew a few guys in that troop. That really sucks, my best goes out to those guys. Kinda wish the troop number hadn't been released, too.
Fritz 'Congodog' Stoop October 27, 2012 at 10:13 PM
" Every adult member of the BSA must take a course on Child Safety" Gee, that'll stop'em. Or entertain the hell out of the sick twits. Find them, prosecute to the full extent of the law. They'll be a big hit at Pelican Bay. You all must know that this is just the tip of a very ugly iceberg. It is a well know fact that organizations that put their own will being over the safety of children are usually playgrounds for perverts. It can't happen here... It can't happen here... It can't happen here... It can't happen here... It can't happen here... It can't happen here... Like hell it can't. It is likely happening somewhere to a kid as you read this.
Dan Murray October 30, 2012 at 12:36 PM
It is important to perform a proper background check on adults who will be working with children. However only 4% of Child Sexual Abusers have a criminal record that will show up on a criminal background check, The Diana Screen® identifies an estimated 50% of the men and women who should not be placed into positions of trust with children because they present a sexual risk: either because they have already sexually abused a child or they have a very weak understanding of the strict sexual boundaries required between adults and children. The Diana Screen® does not compete with criminal background checks. Rather, it is intended to complement an organization`s current Abuse Risk Management plan. Thus, it is recommended that organizations that begin use of The Diana Screen® continue use of criminal background checks. www.dianascreen.com
Kit Stycket January 31, 2013 at 05:50 PM
I was involved in reporting other leaders who failed to report the rape of a scout, saying it happened at camp and they weren't responsible. The male leader slapped 4 kids out of rage, including one girl, and the female leader slept w underage girls in the same bed. When kids complained the female said they deserved to be slapped, or were liars. Witness' gave statements, and the 2 leaders were removed, only to be reinstated 6 months later after hiring 2 lawyers, and threatening BSA. A parent and myself reported the situation to BSA and the parent of the slapped girl filed a police report. Those leaders are still in the program. The same parent also reported to BSA that a strip-monopoly game was being played w the youth and adults, and the perpetrators got nothing more than a slap on the wrist. The strip monopoly had been a 40 year tradition. We left the unit and started a new one, as several kids told us they would never participate after the 2 previously removed leaders were reinstated.


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