Revelations 4:13

Lamorinda's latest storm put on quite the light show. We were transfixed by the heavenly display, and pause to ponder the metaphysical aspects of life in LamoLand, as well as the meteorological.


Everyone make it through that storm okay? Our critters are just now starting to emerge from under their respective beds and from behind the washing machine -- the cats are putting in for PTSD compensation.

That was some gullywasher.

We looked around the neighborhood and everyone is coping. Canyon is flooding as some found out early this morning, but otherwise everyone seemed to have made it out unscathed. Tell us how you fared.

As we roamed around outside during the height of Thursday's cloudburst we succumbed to the sort of introspection we always do when nature is putting on one of her patented displays of "See What I Can Do?"

We've been watching with interest an OnPatch dialogue on the case... and another on a in which a father and daughter were killed by an errant driver.

Several Patchers questioned the relationship between a chosen style of dress and how others react to and relate with someone adopting the hoodie and oversized clothing some favor; while others debated the societal implications of the sweater vest adopted by former GOP presidential candidate Rick Santorum.

Turns out that no matter how liberal, how open we may be -- we come to conclusions about people based on how they act, what they wear. A Moraga resident who asked that her name not be used found herself pondering that very issue Thursday, as police stopped a young man wanted for questioning in connection with an .

"I have to say I saw the man walking further up Camino Pablo about 4:05 p.m. and thought of all the comments on WC patch about the man from Concord, and some on your Patch… with lots of comments on profiling," she wrote. "So, my gut told me right away this felt odd, he was dressed 'gangsta'… and not to bring up Treyvon, but yes, the oversized hoodie didn’t make him look like he fit into Moraga..."

As it turned out, the young man was from San Leandro and had a "past" that included an arrest for burglary. He was detained for questioning by Moraga police and had a few residents questioning themselves about the way they look at others.

"Profiling is unfortunately real, in some or many situations," our Patcher wrote, a tad sheepishly, "at least in this one it was spot on."

Also writing in with observations of his own Thursday was Pete Armstrong of Lafayette, who also had a revelation of sorts.

"This morning as I left for work just a few minutes after an hour and a half of very heavy rain, I noticed there were very few puddles of any sort, let alone large, anywhere in downtown," Pete wrote. "It occurred to me that in all the years I have lived in Lafayette, I have rarely seen a problem with clogged storm drains or runoff puddles in the streets of our town."

"I’d like to commend the Department of Public Works, the planners and the engineers, who all make sure that we have sufficient storm drains and keep them unclogged year round. Great job everyone!"

Noted, Pete... and, yep, all those people do all that and more for the city and their efforts are appreciated, but thanks for taking the time to recognize them.

Also checking in was grad ('83) and former Orinda resident Erik Nemeth, who caught our story on the deplorable state of the Moraga Adobe, and who is now engaged in research pertaining to the importance of security of artworks and monuments to international relations.


"While vandalism of is a local issue, the impact of crime on cultural heritage is a prime example of the importance of cultural security," Erik wrote, and we came to that revelation long ago -- but sure do thank him for his work.

And, lastly -- local revelations. Lamorinda Patch as embarked down the rocky road of a home renovation project and, putting its money where its mouth is, has endeavored to "keep it local," contracting with local firms to get the job done.

Revelations: While several secondary vendors suggested the "only" place to source needed materials were from suppliers in San Leandro and Hayward and Oakland, we were able to find several great local sources within Lamorinda -- including (3400 Mt. Diablo Blvd, behind Giardinos).

Patch Disclosure Moment: This company does advertise with us, and Patch hopes to enter into a business relationship with the firm, but Patch is getting no favorable treatment from the company and we mention them only because we think other Lamorindans will benefit from their expertise.

We were pretty hot, having made the trek out to the hinterlands to see the "best" suppliers of home renovation materials in the East Bay -- only to find a wider selection and competitive pricing a few minutes from home. If you're doing some remodeling, check 'em out and save the gas.

Kathleen April 13, 2012 at 05:03 PM
Great video -- thanks for posting it. And this morning I saw a rainbow as I came out of the tunnel on the Berkeley side, so all and all it's been a terrific 24 hours.
Rosemary April 13, 2012 at 05:27 PM
I could tell there was a storm gathering. The clouds were dark and the winds were strong. And, I was afraid. I hope everyone made it through safely.
Lourdes April 13, 2012 at 05:28 PM
A very pretty light show. Maybe a little too much for the children and pets, but fun for the rest of us!!
Harry Jenkins April 13, 2012 at 08:42 PM
I don't know where else to document this suggestion so I'll do it here. But, in your "Nearby" section, why is Martinez and Piedmont in there? When I look at Danville's site, it has Lamorinda in its "Nearby" section and that seems to make sense. I'd suggest dropping either Martinez or Piedmont and inserting Danville. Also, whichever one you keep, I'd drop it for the Pleasant Hill site when that one comes online. Seems like those would be a better fit. Or, maybe not. Just a thought. As opinionated as the folks in this Patch are, I'm sure they'll let you know which ones would be better. Maybe a poll?
Kathleen April 13, 2012 at 08:57 PM
I guess "nearby" is a matter of perspective. I'm more interested in Berkeley news than Danville news, and Berkeley's Patch is not included in Lamorinda's "nearby" list, although Albany and El Cerrito Patches are included. I think Berkeley may be closer to Orinda than Danville is, if distance is the deciding factor.
Harry Jenkins April 13, 2012 at 10:24 PM
Kathleen - Great suggestion! I could definitely see Berkeley as a better choice for the 'Nearby' section. It would seem more relevant than Martinez, in particular.
Sue Haas April 14, 2012 at 03:40 PM
Fun headline on this one. Took me a minute to figure it out. You make us work for things sometimes!!!!


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