Poll: Do You Support the 'Clean Water' Parcel Fee for Contra Costa?

Please cast your vote in our reader poll on Contra Costa County's mail-ballot "2012 Community Clean Water Initiative," which would add a parcel fee for local government efforts to reduce pollution in the Bay and creeks.

Property owners in Contra Costa County this past week received mail ballots for the "2012 Community Clean Water Initiative," which would add a fee to property tax bills to fund local government programs for reducing water pollution.

Our article Saturday about the non-traditional ballot measure, "," drew several reader comments on both sides of the issue. So we'd like to know what additional readers think.

Please cast your vote in our reader poll below and feel welcome to share your view in the comments section.

Jane Alta February 28, 2012 at 01:47 AM
Let's see before the clean water act the bay was a cesspool of raw sewage and garbage, we had rivers catching on fire (the cayahouga) and a Bay that no one wanted to be around. We have made much progress - and had to pay for water treatment, disposing of wastes other than to our water ways. This is one that has been worth it to all levels of society and income levels.
Karl A. February 28, 2012 at 02:55 AM
I will vote against this measure not because I am against the idea, but because home owners are once again expected to support programs that the whole community -- businesses, immigrants, renters, and everyone else that makes use of the natural resources of the area and the region -- use and exploit for fun and profit. Therefore, everyone should have to support and protect through taxes and /or direct fees, instead of just levies applied to those of us that own SFR's for personal use, our limited natural resources.
Larry Craighill February 28, 2012 at 04:30 AM
A "no" vote means voting to not pay our municipality to follow the law now on the books. The result will be fines greater than the cost of compliance by far, or cutting other services to pay for the compliance. It's like deciding that you shouldn't have to pay for a license, and driving without one. There is no option that costs nothing. There is nothing to be gained by squeezing the local agencies charged with enforcement. If the regulations are the problem, then there is a process for having them repealed. Non-compliance does nothing to change the laws, but it will guarantee more pain, and will certainly cost more than a few pennies per homeowner per day.
Larry Craighill February 28, 2012 at 04:34 AM
The reason property owners pay for the enforcement is because this is how the laws are written. A property owner controls the runoff from their property, and the rights of property owners give them recourse for controlling the impacts users effect on that property. This is true of both public and private land holders.
Wayne Price April 03, 2012 at 04:47 PM
I voted "no" on Patch to reject the Clean Water Initiative. I think you would too if you knew the CWI was out of the United Nations incarnations of Agenda 21 and OneBayArea's playbooks to subjugate the USA through environmental laws, regulation, and taxes. Their goals cannot be accomplished without violation of basic civil liberties and wholesale seizures of property. I think you would oppose the CWI if you realized the federal government’s mandate to carry out the will of the United Nations, whether the feds provided the money. Local governments should challenge the feds authority in purely local matters. I think you would oppose CWI if you knew they plan on forcing you into high-rise concentrations near transportation nodes. Housing could not, at best, be anything better than something like Section 8 housing. They simply need to find a convincing way of saying land-use is “unsustainable”, condemn property around nodes to build housing, and enforce it with police power. Does the term "jack-booted thugs" have any meaning for you? How could CWI election be found legal. The fact the board of supervisors called this election with large third-party expenses, votes counted by a 3rd party, non-secret ballot, and local governments and nonprofits having thousands of votes against its own citizens using the citizens own tax dollars means the CWI doesn’t even come close to passing the smell test. My friends, consider getting out your pitch fork and storm the castle.


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