Letters: Moraga Town Council Praises Kristen Cunnane

Members of the Moraga Town Council write to express their admiration of a former student who built her case against a predatory teacher.



The members of the Moraga Town Council publicly express our admiration for Kristen Cunnane and our gratitude for her demonstrated courage. As a survivor of childhood sexual abuse, her bravery has not gone unnoticed. Sadly, many victims never report incidents of abuse. Kristen's courage in reporting will help to provide encouragement for others to do the same. Her public story will undoubtedly serve to support other victims and to give them hope for a more positive future. Kristen may never know just how many adults and children have been helped by the telling of her story, but for bravely sharing her experiences with others, we commend and thank her.

The Moraga Town Council


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