Lamorinda Christmas Lists: Lafayette's Don Tatzin

We're closing in on the time of year when the jolly fellow grants everyone's wishes and brings toys for the kids. What do YOU want for Christmas this year, boys and girls?

Patch, your go-to resource for local news and other stuff you can't live without, is also starting to get Christmas "wish lists" from its faithful band of followers. While we, uh, may not be able to make all those Holiday dreams come true we can at least get them up on the local radar screen for other local elves to see and -- perhaps -- bring to fruition.

Here's one we received from Lafayette City Councilmember Don Tatzin. It includes some suggestions he'd like to see fellow Lafayette residents take to heart this Christmas. Perhaps you can help.

1. Enjoy the twinkle lights along Mt. Diablo Boulevard
2. Dine at one of Lafayette’s 30 restaurants
3. Place special orders for your holiday parties at Lafayette’s four grocery stores
4. Choose a plant or decoration at Orchard Nursery or Mt. Diablo Nursery
5. Thank the parking enforcement officer who left you a Seasons Greetings tag instead of a parking ticket if you run a little over the meter time
6. Clothe the family at McCaulou’s, Pendleton, Sandy’s and other stores
7. Satisfy your sweet tooth at Powell’s or the Tea Cake Bake Shop
8. Get something for your furry or feathered companion at the Lafayette Pet Shoppe, Nitro Dog, or Pet Food Express
9. Support local merchants now so they’ll be there all year
10. Schedule a weekend getaway in town at the Lafayette Park Hotel and Spa
11. Take in a program at the Library and Learning Center between shopping excursions
12. Select holiday decorations you won’t find anywhere else at Whippersnappers
13. Keep time with something from Clocks, Etc.
14. Take receipts totaling $150 or more from three Lafayette merchants to the Chamber of Commerce for a chance to win cash prizes
15. Go ride a bike from Sharp Bicycles or Hank and Frank
16. Work off those extra pounds at a health club or walk the Reservoir
17. Select that finishing touch for your home at Sugi or Misto Lino
18. Purchase the finishing touch for you at one of Lafayette’s jewelers
19. View the surrounding hills as you walk from store to store
20. Save time shopping… spend more time with family and friends

J.D. O'Connor December 12, 2011 at 04:08 PM
Greetings, Frequent Patch Fliers! A word of warning from your newly rejuvenated and rested Patch Sky Marshal: "Starting today at O-Dark-Thirty all Thread Hijackers will be summarily thrown from the aircraft at 30,000 feet. No peanuts for you. C'mon, this was a Christmas thread. The Marshal
Zoe Claire December 12, 2011 at 08:06 PM
I want a no-stress Christmas breakfast with the family. I'll make the Strawberry Waffles. Aunt Alyce can help but she has to be good this year... It would be nice to seal the deal with He Who Has Been Selected. Nothing crazy... a quiet wedding in Big Sur would do nicely. I would like everyone who is far from their families returned home for Christmas... especially if they're wearing a uniform. I would like America to get together again and be the country we all know we could be. I would like Congress to recess.... with all the other kindergartners. I would like a hot meal for all those families with no hope of having one this year. I would like my Mom's Special Egg Nog on Christmas Day and a kiss at midnight. Is that asking too much??
X December 12, 2011 at 08:30 PM
Visited Japantown this past weekend. I'll be asking Santa for a box of strawberry mochi. My kids & I devoured the box we bought!
Eileen December 12, 2011 at 10:53 PM
Santa can find mochi in the following flavors at Trader Joe's: chocolate, mango, vanilla and strawberry (and possibly also green tea, if memory serves).
James Coleridge December 14, 2011 at 06:37 PM
Bring the troops home.


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