Grade Your City -- This Week: Lafayette

Let's start off with the "La" in Lamorinda and evaluate the things that are good -- and bad -- about living in Lafayette.


We thought fair was fair and asked you to , and we survived that exercise with our ego intact, and now it's our chosen two cities and a town's turn to undergo the red pencil.

Lamorinda Patch is asking you to grade your town, taking into account its livibility, style of government, transparency, flavor and consistency of its fruit smoothies -- all of the components of life that make living here either a slice of paradise or not so nice.

Unlike our own exam, we're going to require that posters wishing to comment pro and con about life in Lafayette do so under their own name. We believe this will curtail some of the "loose cannon" chatter we sometimes get and give readers a more accurate assessment of how their neighbors feel about life here.

If you want to weigh in and be heard on the city's style of governance, it's openness or on whether or not you still can't find a decent cup of coffee here, this will give you a chance to be heard.

Coming soon, the "Mo" in Lamorinda -- Moraga. And then, of course, Orinda.

We'll use a simple grading system to get an idea of how you feel about Lafayette in our poll, and you can add any comments you wish in the comments thread.

Let's see how Lafayette fares in this week's Patch Poll.

John June 12, 2012 at 09:33 PM
Have lived in Lafayette for last 6 years and have been impressed to see the steady improvements going on in the city during this time- the city seems to be making many right moves.
Karen Maggio June 13, 2012 at 02:11 PM
We love Lafeyette, the people, small town feel with a thriving downtown, excellent schools, beautiful hillsides and collaborative leadership.
KFrances June 13, 2012 at 06:24 PM
I wish the City Council would STAND UP to One Bay Area Plan. People need to WAKE UP - there is a fascist take over of Lafayette (and the USA) Democracy is being phased out. VERY sad and VERY calculated.


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