Upward Thumbs Spell "Cookies" at Lamorinda Patch

We crave your attention and affection. Actually, we seem to have the former and it would be nice to think we have the latter. There's even a sweet payoff if you give us a "thumbs up."


We've had a nice run up to our 1,000th Facebook "Like" on our rather active Patch Facebook page and are a few, short upraised thumbs away from hitting our mark.

Why 1,000? We don't know, seemed like a nice, round number!

Anywho, we're grateful for all your feedback and the upward digits and as a small "thank you" we're offering some lucky Liker a platter of Moraga baker prize-winning cookies when we top 1,000 thumbs.

If you haven't already, just go to our Facebook page and toggle the Big Thumb at the top of our page, you may find yourself sweetly rewarded.


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