Izzy’s Closing, Buffalo Wild Wings Moving In

Buffalo Wild Wings will take over Izzy’s old space, moving next door to the new Firehouse No. 37.

, one of San Ramon’s few remaining upscale restaurants, closes this Saturday in the Marketplace shopping center.

Buffalo Wild Wings, a national chain eatery, plans to open in that space later this year. (You can see the restaurant’s logo and name listed in the Marketplace shopping center’s brochure accompanying this story.)

Izzy’s opened its San Ramon restaurant in 2007 and was the small Bay Area steak house chain’s newest and largest location. For the most part, diners seemed to enjoy Izzy’s, giving it fairly good ratings on Yelp.

An Izzy’s manager and spokesperson said the restaurant chose to close because it could not secure a lease that lasted more than a year at the Marketplace. Izzy’s may open another location nearby if its owners can find a suitable long-term lease. The Marketplace leasing manager did not return calls for comment.

Izzy’s is thanking its customers and the community with a special evening of live music along with its regular dinner service on its last day, June 30. Online reservations have been disabled for San Ramon’s Izzy’s, but you can reserve your spot by calling 925-830-8620.

The new tenant, Buffalo Wild Wings, is a casual eatery and sports bar franchise specializing in Buffalo-style chicken wings. The fast-growing Minneapolis-based chain also runs a restaurant . Calls to corporate headquarters were not returned. To learn more about Buffalo Wild Wings, visit buffalowildwings.com.

What do you think about Izzy’s closing? How do you feel about Buffalo Wild Wings moving in? Tell us in the comments box below.


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Linsey Rosenlund July 08, 2012 at 09:32 PM
San ramon-ites are interested in patronizing GOOD local restaurants. Remember Cafe Esin. Did so well then moved to a larger space in Danville. The problem is none of these restaurants are good!!!
Pappy Wilder August 24, 2012 at 10:18 AM
San Ramon in general is devoid of culture. There's no downtown for God's sake.
cdf912 September 11, 2012 at 12:43 AM
I would rather see a Black Angus or an Outback than Buffalo Wild Wings. Sure they're both in Dublin but are always so crowded. Would be nice not to always have to go to Dublin or Danville to get a moderate priced meal that isn't deep fried.
Geekychick September 20, 2012 at 11:30 PM
While much of what you say is certainly true, real estate is definitely a supply and demand industry and with so many vacancies...well...everywhere, it's astonishing to hear places like Almond Plaza in Dublin with over 50% vacancies raise their rents when they have vacancies that haven't seen a store in ten years. Clearly demand is well below the supply levels, in no small part because of how shoppers have changed habits, yet we see no adjustment in prices to help level increase the demand. I've heard the argument that lowering hte rent devalues their property, but I'd say that leaving money on the table and just being content to leave buildings empty does a lot more to devalue a property than having a full building with lower rents...As a businessman would you rather get $3000 a month from ten people or $2000 a month from twenty? One way alledgedly "devalues" your property...the other potentially earns you $120,000 more per year while keeping your tennants stronger by not only letting them breathe easier but having more businesses to share customers with strenthens them all.
Joe October 04, 2012 at 05:28 PM
Cook at home..... spend time as a family.... Don't like change.... decide what you eat and how you eat it by making it yourself..... don't blame others ;0)


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