Business Buzz: Moraga Gets One New Restaurant; May Lose Another

Patch takes a stroll around town and picks up a few tidbits. And some merchants say Moraga's restaurant scene may be getting ready to change yet again.

Patch took some time to run a few errands Monday and, as always, promptly ran into locals with plans for new business in town -- as well as some trying to hold onto what they have.

We found ourselves in for a quick latte and ran into owner Roos Pal, a business dynamo with plans for Moraga's first Indian food restaurant -- a 26-seat establishment in the old deli location in Rheem Valley Center.

Roos said the name of her latest endeavor will be New Dehli Bistro and that it will focus on "cheap and cheerful" with take-out and maybe a little local delivery. She expects to open in March and so far the Permit Gods are lining up.

Pal said she was torn between opening a Mexican restaurant and one offering Indian cuisine, saying she often hears locals express their desire for more ethnic food choices in town.

"In the end we settled on Indian," she said with a characteristic smile. "We will see how it goes."

zipped in as we were speaking with Roos, and Bill is excited about the new "Buy Local" advertising effort, currently emblazoned on every prescription bag at nearly every table in the place.

"Whaddaya think of that?" Bill, always thinking about new ways to promote local merchants, asked.

And we had to admit it sounded pretty good so we piled into the Patchmobile and head over to the and a little catchup with Kenny Murakami, who was busy cleaning up and re-stocking after the last frost had its way with his leafy wares.

We bought a few things to keep our spirits up and made the run into Rheem, where we heard that a fairly young restaurant there (no names, yet, but we'll update everyone when we can) was struggling and may, in fact, be for sale.

owner Mickey Erez said Wednesday he had not heard that news and expressed interest in helping the business in question, if it is indeed in trouble.

"Maybe we can help them out," Mickey said. Erez added that his business has been doing very well and that they are considering an expansion. "We'll be offering breakfasts, too, soon."

Potential loss of a business is not the news you want to hear but, hey, you get the good with the bad here. If you have any other business-related news, drop me a line.

Marti Roach January 11, 2012 at 05:34 PM
Some of my friends and I see the old world savings and loan building as the place for a new Moraga restaurant--perhaps hybrid sports bar and family spot to attract St. Mary's crowd, families and empty nesters who want a place for quality, fresh, moderate American fare. We need more venues locally to keep us local. My son says the building has always been call The Wedge. what a great name for a restaurant. Who will lead us to this solution???
john silberman January 12, 2012 at 01:21 AM
good to hear Shish Kabab Show is here to stay.....looking forward to many more years of schwarma, falafel, and belly dancing!
Scott Bowhay January 12, 2012 at 05:42 AM
La Calaca Loca, 51st & Telegraph-ish (little center across from Walgreens)...a great pick me up if you're coming home from Children's Hospital or otherwise...a stones throw from Dona Tomas. Was on the Chronicle Top 100 for a few years..."gourmet tacqueria", (Niman Ranch meat), but very reasonable....really hard to bring that stuff all the way home...put it in the trunk if you don't want a mad spouse!
Elaine January 23, 2012 at 11:55 PM
Soccer store has moved and burrito place is GONE! Anyone know why those three buildings are now empty?
Mike January 24, 2012 at 01:06 AM
Marti, I think you're right about the need and the location. I always thought the building now occupied by Curves and the Gymnsastics gym would have made a great location for a family spot / bar / venue, with enough space for separate rooms that could allow for music, private parties, etc. The Wedge. I vote for you to lead!


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