Moraga Musicology Question -- Hey, Saint Mary's, Are You Playing With Fire?

Was it just me or did we hear the Bells of Saint Mary's playing a little Rolling Stones at noon today? Hmmm?


Here's one for local musicologists, pickers, Saint Mary's Gaels students and grads: what was that song the played at the noon hour Wednesday? We could have sworn the college was rocking a little Playing With Fire, a la The Rolling Stones.

Chalk it up to advancing age and senility if you wish but your editor swore he was picking up on a little Jagger and the lads as the bells heralded the noon hour and my toe started tapping.

If it was some scholarly Gregorian chant I'll happily stand corrected, but I would be willing to swear it was Mick, Keith, Charlie, Bill and Brian.

Enlighten me... please. I've attached a version of the real deal for reference.


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