Caldecott 4th Bore Photo Display In Pleasant Hill

The Bay Area is in the midst of historic construction projects -- the Bay Bridge renovation, and the fourth bore of the Caldecott Tunnel. See the drama of the Caldecott project at Pleasant Hill City Hall.

There are a few good reasons to visit City Hall, but rarely artistic ones. In this case, however, Pleasant Hill City Hall's main lobby is definitely worth a visit, because now through the end of October you can see a photographic display of history being made in real time, right down the street. 

Work on the fourth bore of the Caldecott Tunnel is underway, as Caltrans crews earlier this year bored their way from the east end to the west. In the process, countless tons of earth were relocated, feats of engineering were performed, high-tech met old-school, and behind it all were hard-working, dedicated people.

And it is the people, most of all, captured in those photographs that make the display worthwhile. They are from all walks of life, and from different areas of expertise. But each boasts a special glint in their eyes that lets you know they are fully aware they are part of something special. 

The Fourth Bore also has a Pleasant Hill connection; Pleasant Hill Middle School student Penelope Watson will have her design on one of four medallions that will be embedded on the eastern portion of the tunnel entrance. 

The display is up at City Hall through next Wednesday. Drop in and see for yourself why this project is something more than just a construction effort.  


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