Week In Review: Outpouring of Sympathy

Did you miss some of the stories from Lamorinda Patch earlier in the week?

The week that ended with feelings of disorientation and sympathy in reflecting on the bereaved families of Newtown, Conn., began with some Lafayette news.  The city hired a high-powered construction firm to work around the clock to restore Mountain View Drive, which has a canyon running through it caused by the earth subsiding from a Dec. 2 sinkhole.

The pre-holiday season is also a season of political turnover, with city councils having reorganization meeting with their regular rotations of new people into one-year terms as mayor:

  • That's Mike Anderson in Lafayette and
  • Dave Trotter in Moraga.

On Wednesday, we ran a Moraga police blotter that included the tale of a bad guy trying to pass a counterfeit $100 bill at a hardware store. The clerk became suspicious with the guy flashing a Ben Franklin for a $6 purchase. The store returned the bill to the guy, who drove off in a Chevy SUV, with an apparently bogus license plate number.

One of the more popular stories of the week was a feature about the two-decade-old tradition of people bringing ornaments to hang on the plum tree on the path around Lafayette Reservoir.


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