Spartacus the Cat Tastes Freedom

The feline yowls from a locked crawlspace, ending speculation that a mountain lion had crept down out of the Orinda hills and made a meal of him.

Spartacus has won his freedom.

The missing gray cat — — was liberated from a locked crawlspace under the garage Sunday. Spartacus is safe!

Owner Nora Harlow, who was worried about a bobcat or mountain lion coming down out of the heights in the El Toyonal and Canon area of Orinda, discovered Spartacus when he started yowling from the crawlspace.

"Odd thing is, that is just about the first place I looked when he went missing," Harlow wrote in an email. " He did not respond at that time.  I had pretty much given up hope by yesterday morning when the miracle occurred.

Nora Harlow November 27, 2012 at 03:01 PM
Thank you Lance! I love Patch! Nora


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