Orinda Studying Tarabrook Drive Sinkhole

One lane is blocked in road damage that cropped up over the rainy weekend.

On two different streets, the city of Orinda is addressing a sinkhole and a storm drain problem that cropped up during last week's wave of winter storms.

The sinkhole on Tarabrook Drive, on the hill southeast of downtown, is not as serious as the one that opened up a chasm blocking a street in neighboring Lafayette. But it is restricting traffic to one lane on Tarabrook Drive. The storm drain problem is on Lavenida Drive, southwest of Moraga Way.

On Tarabrook, "We will have a better idea of a short- or long-term solution on Thursday or Friday after the City's contractor has uncovered the storm drain," said Chuck Swanson, director of public works and engineering services for the city of Orinda.

The city has awaited the Central Contra Costa Sanitary District repairing an adjacent sanitary sewer first." Alongside the drive, the sinkhole has filled with muddy water creating a lake about the size of your average koi pond.

On Lavenida Drive, Swanson wrote in an email, "We are waiting on an estimate from the contractor for this repair. This should be a one-time fix."

Last Sunday, during the heavy rainfall, there were some temporary road closures, crews doing creek cleanups and 27 calls for public works service, Orinda City Manager Janet Keeter told the City Council this week.

Theodore M.Oberlander December 07, 2012 at 03:08 AM
Hah, I have a lake many times bigger than a koi pond under my house every winter as a consequence of the Orinda City Engineer diverting all of my across-street neighbor's vast roof and paved area water straight into my lot through a culvert, producing a white-water torrent laden with mud and stones pouring into my yard at storm peaks. Has it warped my floors? You bet. It has built up my lot a foot in places, buried a low wall, and left a concreted drainage trough hanging in the air above an erosional abyss that no doubt channels water under my house. Yet Orinda City Engineer Anderson (is he still on the job?) has told me I am "just a pessimist". The city has made my house completely unmarketable with current disclosure laws. But it's been going on so long I've given up on the city, and can be seen up at the street before every storm clearing drains of debris. Can't leave town in the winter. Can't sell the property. Will probably die with my rakes in my hands, cursing the City Engineer's Office. Ted Oberlander 727 Miner Rd, Orinda
Amanda December 07, 2012 at 04:32 PM
Well, Ted. Looks this makes a total of two of us who actually clear storm drains. Maybe if people took some responsibility for their own properties, heavy rains would not be such a scary thing for homeowners.


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