Hey Lafayette Drivers: Are You Tired Of This Yet?

Hang in there. The median work on Mt. Diablo Boulevard will be done within two months or so.

Construction work on Mt. Diablo Boulevard in downtown Lafayette
Construction work on Mt. Diablo Boulevard in downtown Lafayette
It's a daily challenge for motorists driving through downtown Lafayette.

The work on the median strips on Mt. Diablo Boulevard has been going on since late October.

The construction requires crews to close off lanes on both the south and north sides of the road.

During commute times, traffic can get a bit backed up.

City Manager Steven Falk says the $1.5 million project is scheduled to be completed in late February, but the contractor is ahead of schedule and weather permitting the road work could be done sooner.

When it's done, the city will have new medians for most of the stretch of Mt. Diablo Boulevard between the Oakwood Athletic Club and Brown Avenue as well as between the Lafayette Car Wash and Pleasant Hill Road.

That still leaves the portion between Brown Avenue and the car wash.

Falk said there are no immediate plans to fill that median gap, but that project is listed in the city's General Plan and will probably be done some day.

Tim December 03, 2013 at 02:55 PM
Funny, I was just driving on Mt Diablo wondering who the blind person was that approved these medians. We go from a wide open road with plenty of middle space to make turns. To now a confined and much narrower road that can barely fit our huge 4x4 SUVs that we need to plow through the snow banks. Seriously, I don't like the medians. It makes the lanes feel smaller (less wide).
LamorindaMan December 03, 2013 at 11:38 PM
Don't like it. But at least they didn't put in that ridiculous roundabout they were proposing.


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