Grades Are In: Most People Give Moraga a “B”

We asked readers to grade the town of Moraga, and many came back with positive responses. However, some had issues with the small town.

Last week we put Moraga in the spotlight and asked our readers to give the town of Moraga a grade. Answers varied, but most people gave Moraga a “B.”  

We asked our readers to on livability, small town feel and the town government. Of the voters, 15 percent gave Moraga an “A” and 58 percent gave Moraga a “B.” A somewhat surprising 19 percent of voters gave Moraga a “D.”

People on the street generally gave Moraga high grades, citing safety and family atmosphere as Moraga’s best features.

Both Pat and Corinne of Moraga gave their town an “A,” citing the open space and safety of the town as positive aspects of living in Moraga. 

However, some find Moraga to be a little too safe. Barry Leskin gave Moraga a “B.” He said while he enjoyed jogging in the parks, the town was a bit subdued.

“It’s kind of dull. It’s clean and it’s quiet, but it lacks energy,” said Leskin.

Leskin said that new stores could bring new energy to the town and liven things up.

On that note, the look and feel of Moraga shopping centers was a subject of discussion in the comments sections of the poll article.

Commenter Kevin Grabenstatter gave Moraga a “B.”

“Fix the roads and spruce up the two commercial centers, and it's an easy A,” he wrote.

Natasha McCullough and Claudia Crivelli, incoming Campolindo High School freshmen, both had positive things to say about Moraga.

McCullough gave Moraga an “A” and said that she liked that you could walk to the movie theater from the high school, and there were lots of local, cheap places to eat.

Crivelli agreed, giving Moraga a “B+.”

“You can walk around everywhere, you’re never in the middle of nowhere and there’s always something to do,” she said.

In general, feedback was positive, although the high number of “D’s” begs the questions: What's wrong with Moraga? How would you make Moraga better? Let us know in the comments.

Jo Mele July 26, 2012 at 05:23 PM
When my daughter was in high school in the 1980's she called Moraga 'Boraga" but when she had a child of her own she moved back citing it as "having the best schools and being a safe place to raise kids" go figure! I agree the roads and local businesses need help and feel the council and town staff should focus on those items instead of dogs.
Carol Ann Long July 26, 2012 at 06:06 PM
I agree for the most part but see room for improvement. I'm not sure we can get there given the system of government we have in place now. That's not disrespect, it's just that everything hinges on 100% consensus and Moraga is not really able to do that.
Larry Tessler July 26, 2012 at 07:22 PM
Can't say what the grade should or shouldn't be. I can say that what is special about this town is its volunteers. In my mind they rate an A+. Dedicated and committed people, beginning with all 5 council members, jump up and pitch in to make this a better place to live. Consider our Park Foundation, the Library Foundation, MEF, the Hacienda, the non-profit New Rheem Theater support, the Chamber of Commerce, Moraga Citizens Network, the Planning Commission, the Design Review Board, Economic Development Committees, Moraga Movers, the Community Faire...I'm sure I've missed many...all run by volunteers. BTW, I shouldn't leave out the many city employees who spend a great deal of unpaid overtime to make all our lives better. I will repeat myself, you are all A+ in my mind!
J.D. O'Connor (Editor) July 26, 2012 at 07:40 PM
Nicely said, Larry... thanks for that post!


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