Does Anyone Know The Story Behind The Flag Atop Acalanes Ridge?

The tattered flag has reportedly been overlooking Walnut Creek for decades

The flag atop Acalanes Ridge near the Walnut Creek-Lafayette border
The flag atop Acalanes Ridge near the Walnut Creek-Lafayette border
It sits alone at the end of a dirt trail, silently overlooking Walnut Creek.

The tattered flag flaps in the breeze atop a 15-foot metal pool on top of Acalanes Ridge near the Lafayette-Walnut Creek border.

The flag pole is an extension of the chain-link, barbed-wire fence that marks the boundary between the open space area and BART property.

A hiker told Patch a World War II veteran who owned the land there while he was alive hoisted the flag decades ago.

However, no one seems to know much else about it, including the open space rangers.

Anybody know the story behind the flag? We'd love to hear it. Just tell us in the comments section.

The flag is only a quarter-mile from two 50-foot concrete arrows that rest atop a hill in the same open space. Those arrows used to serve as directional signals for pilots in the days before radar.


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